Lavender & Sandalwood

The Night Wander This Smelling Salt is to be used before resting to protect your dream state and bring about positive and productive dreamwork. The incantation helps protect against unwanted dreams so you are able to be fully submerged into the dream work without fear. The aromas are gentle and promote a healthy mental state. It is best to use the smelling salt right before bed and as the last step in your nightly ritual when possible.

This resealable vile ensures many uses, fresh and potent scents, and discretion.

.25floz | 7.5mL glass vile with screw top lid



A L S O - I N C L U D E D
Protection Salt + Herbs
Salt Spell
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Smelling salts have been used since the 13th century and used to trigger consciousness when a person felt faint or was unconscious. Ammonia is released by the smelling salts and triggers the lungs and heart to begin working quickly and causes a person to awaken or to be more alert. Although this is not the designed purpose of our smelling salts, the effects work similarly and with a variety of essential oils, smelling salts can improve specific emotional and spiritual aid with ease and convenience. Recipes for the salts have adapted and are now used as a tool in aromatherapy and for spiritual rituals. 


I N - W I T C H C R A F T
Smelling salts can be used to improve mental clarity, reduce anxiety, and can be used in a variety of cleansing rituals. Primarily, the salts are to be used as an inhalant. The ingredients are very potent so there is only a need for a small amount. The size needed makes it’s very easy to use at work, at home, while traveling, or anywhere else you may need emotional and spiritual aid. Aside from smelling from the vile directly, you can also use the salts at your altar and change the scents with the turning of the wheel. You can bless any smelling salts to empower its purpose further and we highly recommend doing so.

Night Wander Smelling Salt - Lavender & Sandalwood

  • Use right before bed as a last step in your nightly ritual. Shake container to release dormant aromas. Open container, hold it underneath your nose, and swirl it in circles to release the scent. Close your eyes, focus your intention, and take a deep breaths then repeat the incantation: “Spirits of the night, protect my thoughts and protect from fright. With my reflections, I go into dark. For this, the night, I must embark”. Repeat as needed. Keep close to your bed to use at night.


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