Bergamot + Pine

8 oz. Soy Candle 
Infused with ethical sourced dried botanicals, a quartz point, and 100% organic, pure essential oils.


This earthy and refreshing scent will bring about a sense of positivity and warmth. Submerge yourself into this aromatic, spirit cleansing, energy protecting candle. 


• Burn this candle to rid your space or home of negativity.
• Bergamot and pine are used to drive away unwanted forces of energy. 
• This candle will bring clarity and good working order to any situation.
• Bergamot and pine’s strong influence will drive away unwanted forces of energy. Take advantage of their magic and use in protection spells.


• Our ritual candles are crafted with honest intention, love, and light.
• 100% pure, therapeutic grade, essential oils - no chemical fragrance oils. You actually get the advantages of the powerful properties of the ingredient, no just the scent. 
• 100% natural soy wax, which means this candles burns 50% longer than paraffin wax candles, doesn't produce CO2, and burns clean (no black soot smoke).
• Properties are amplified with clear quartz crystal points placed directly in the candle.
• Ethically sourced natural ingredients
• No phthalates
• No added dyes or chemicals
• Environmentally friendly
• Lead-free, 100% cotton wick
• Cruelty-free


• It is important to burn the candle for at least 2 hours for the first burn. If any less time, tunneling can form leaving the center melted and the edges tall. You can also trim the wick 1/4" to ensure a long-lasting candle. • The quartz point can be removed from the candle or left during burning to enhance magical properties. 


• Remove label from side and bottom and pull out the wick. Use a spoon to break up the remaining wax. It should break up enough to detach from the container. If some is still left, use a paper towel to scoop and scrape the remaining wax out. As a last resort, you can heat the tin in the oven (do not use microwave) to no more than 150ºF until the wax melts. Then use a paper towel and wipe the melted wax out. 
• You can then use your cleaned tin for a variety of uses: fill with small rocks and use as a toothbrush holder, contain bobby-pins or other small jewelry pieces, save loose change, and so much more. It is not recommend for food use or storage.


(Does not include staging items)

Crystal Candle / Expel the Beast / Bergamot + Pine



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